[LOOKING FOR]: English-Speaking DnD 5e Group

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[LOOKING FOR]: English-Speaking DnD 5e Group

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Hello there...

My name is Jazz and I'm currently looking for some fellow adventurers to join me in my quest to safe those princesses (or princes) and slay (or lay) those dragons! :D

I've started my roleplaying journey a few years back with a little show called "Critical Role", which led to a minor obsession with all things DnD - and kickstarted an unhealthy dice collecting habit...
Unfortunately I had to take a break during the last year but now I'm back and looking for folks to go on crazy adventures with!

I'm based in Bonn (Beuel) and would love to meet up for a bi-weekly or monthly DnD 5e session - preferrably face-to-face but I'm also open to online sessions (via Discord/Role20 and whatnot).

So if you're also looking to stir up some trouble in those fantasy realms and would like to join me as a fellow player or DM - shoot me a message!

Wishing you a wonderful week and looking forward to hearing from you -


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