Suche Mitspieler oder Runde fur D&D 5e (Englisch)

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Re: Suche Mitspieler oder Runde fur D&D 5e (Englisch)

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Sounds like a good idea so here goes:

Light foot Halfling
Rogue (future arcane trickster)

His reasons for adventuring are simple. To feel the rush of adrenaline through his veins. To experience the world and make new friends that he can rely on and that will always have his back.

He used to be a fight fixer/booky at the Fields of Triumph in Waterdeep. Part of the organisational crew, but in his position of power he often swindled tourist out of their hard earned money and that didn't sit right with one of the more prominent thieves guilds in the city that have had their investments ruined by him, and through a misunderstanding with a money lender he's forced to leave his position behind and to go underground. He just isn't very good at going off the map and lying low, as he does have a taste for riches.

His ideals are focused on loyalty, he inspires to be the best he can be for his friends even though his morals tend to be flexible and his trickery gets him in trouble more often than not. He's just a difficult character to be around as most people don't enjoy that sort of attention.

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Re: Suche Mitspieler oder Runde fur D&D 5e (Englisch)

Beitrag#42 » Dienstag 19. Juni 2018, 18:29

Hej Guys,

Thanks for the character concepts, I think it will be fairly easy to incorporate them into the story.
Sorry for my relatively late reply, but I have had some busy days. The concepts sound good and we don't have either character class yet so that means they will welcome additions. I will make use of your backstories to get your characters where the action is at the moment so that you and your characters can get right into it. Some extra information about tomorrow we will be sitting in the basement of Voyager, because I hope it will be a little less loud.

Looking forwards to see you guys tomorrow,


PS: if there are still any question please feel free to send me a PM, we will exchange phone numbers and add you to the WhatsApp group tomorrow at the Voyager to make communication a bit easier.

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